Kit 33 Installation Guide

This is to show you a step by step guide on how to install Kit 33.

Kit 33 is intended to be used with any lighting 10mm fixing point. For this guide I have used all the parts that you get from Kit 33 and installed them onto a Jack Daniels bottle.

Please Note

This kit does not come with any fixing point i.e. a rubber bung, as used in this guide. So please ensure you already have a fixing point on the item you are using with this kit before starting.


Step 1: Take the side entry cord grip and screw it onto the existing 10mm fixing point.

Step 2: Separate the lampholder into its 3 sections and screw the cap onto the cord grip. Tighten the screw inside the cap of the lampholder to ensure that it is securely locked in place.


Step 3: Take the cable cord set and push it through the side of the cord grip and out through the lampholder.

Step 4: Using a pair of pliers, double over the ends of the cable. Then take the connection unit of the lampholder and connect the Neutral (Blue), the Live (Brown) and the Earth (Green/Yellow) into the correct connection points, as shown below.


If in any doubt please seek professional advice.

Step 5: Carefully push the connection unit into the base of the lampholder ensuring the indents align up (see first image below).

Step 6: Screw the skirt of the lampholder onto the cap until you hear several clicks, this is the insert locking into place.

Note: If you wish to unscrew the lampholder, you will need to push down the locking barb on the insert (see the second image below) whilst unscrewing the lampholder. It will then need to be bent backwards to reinstall the lampholder. A guide on how to unlock this can be found here under number 2 on the table: How to unlock my ES & SES Lampholder

Step 7: Tighten the black grub screw on the side entry cord grip and screw the 2 shade rings in place.

This completes the installation of Kit 33.

Below you will find all the CE certifications for all the parts in our Kit 33, these are required for trading standard or if you're planning on selling the lamps on.

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