GU10 Spotlight Installation Guide

This is a step-by-step guide on how to install the mini GU10 spotlight.


Important Note

As the connection unit in this Mini GU10 Spotlight is push fit, you will need to ensure the cable you are using is NOT multi stranded, to get around this you can either solder tip the ends or use ferrules.

Please see the following guide for further information. What is a push fit lampholder and can I use it?

Step 1: Take the lampholder cover and slide it over the cable.


Step 2: Take the cord grip and screw it onto the cap. Ensure the cord grip is fully screwed in - it will break a bit of plastic inside the cap but this is normal (simply discard it and carry on with the installation).

Then slide the cap over the end of the cable.



Step 3: Wiring the lampholder.

Take both the Neutral (Blue) and Live (Brown) wire and push them into the slots on the side of the connection unit. It does not matter which way around they go.

Ensure both the Neutral and Live are fully pushed in and are securely connected. If you can remove the wires with relative ease then they are not properly connected. Make sure they are pushed pass the small metal clips inside the connection unit.

Tip: You may find it easier to insert the Live and Neutral using a small pair of pliers, as this part can be quite tricky.


If in any doubt please seek professional advice.


Step 4: Push the connection unit into the cap making sure the indents on the exterior line up (see image below). Ensure that the wires don't overlap the area for the 2 screw holes as this will prevent you from pushing the connection unit into the cap.

It's important to note that the outer PVC jacket CANNOT be inside the cap but it should instead sit flush to the entry of the cap.

Once the connection unit is pushed into the cap, insert the 2 supplied screws and screw into place.


Step 5: Tighten the cord grip.

Step 6: Take the bulb and insert it into the lampholder. When this is pushed in, make sure that the cord grip is centred and has clicked into the hole at the top of the lampholder cover (see images below).



This completes the installation of the GU10 spotlight.


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