Wiring a Plastic ES Lampholder

This is a quick step-by-step guide on wiring a plastic ES lampholder.

Step 1: Seperate the lampholder into its 3 components; the Cap, the Skirt and the the Connection Unit.


Step 2: Take the cap of the lampholder and screw it onto the fixing point.

Next, feed the cable through the hole carefully, ensuring not to damage it as you push/pull it through.

Make sure you leave this loose so you can adjust the length when on step 3.

Note: Depending on the model of lampholder their may be a screw inside the cap that will need to be tightened down - this locks the lampholder to the thread its screwed to.


Step 3: Wire the cable into the connection unit of the lampholder. This is done by firstly loosening the screws in the connection unit, then inserting the cable ends into the connection points, making sure that the Live (Brown) goes into the connection point labelled L and Neutral (Blue) goes into the connection point labelled N (as shown in the images below). Lastly, retighten the screws so the cable is securely in place.

Please Note: Ensure the wires do not stick too far into the connection unit as they will pop out the other side and could create a fault when a lamp is inserted.


If in any doubt please seek professional advice.




Step 4: Once wired, carefully push the connection unit into the cap of the lampholder and screw the skirt on top.


This completes the wiring of a Plastic ES Lampholder. Below is some extra information regarding the removal of the lampholder.


Removal of the lampholder

If you wish to unscrew your lampholder, you will need to adhere to the following steps.

Once your lampholder is screwed together it will be locked in place and you will find yourself unable to disassemble it. This is because the connection unit has a locking barb installed on it. The locking barb ensures the lampholder does not undo as you remove the light bulb.

Please see the images below to locate the locking barb on your connection unit.

The barb will need to be pressed down as you unscrew the skirt.

Once you are happy, you can then screw the skirt back on again.


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