Wooden Lamp Kit with Backplate Installation Guide

This is to show you a step by step guide on how to install the wooden lamp kit with backplate.

In this guide I have used all parts that you get from the Lamp Kit 7617938 and installing them onto a wooden block that I have already pre-drilled a hole in.

Kit Contains:

1x Lampholder

1x Cable Cord Set

1x Backplate

1x Backplate Cover

5x Wood Screws

1x Cord Grip


Step 1: Feed the cable cord set through your light fitting ensuring not to damage it as you push/pull it through.

Next, place the backplate over the cable and fix it down onto your wooden lamp using the supplied screws, then place the cover over the top.



Step 2: Wiring your light fitting.

Please click on the link below that refers to the lampholder you purchased within this kit. This will take you to another guide that will give you step-to-step instructions on wiring your light fitting.

Plastic BC Lampholder Plastic ES Lampholder Plastic ES Switched Lampholder

Once you have completed wiring your lampholder, please refer to the next step to finish the installation of your light fitting.


Step 3: Ensure you use the cord grip on the bottom of the light fitting by putting it across the cable and using the screws supplied to fix it into position, this will ensure the cable cannot be pulled out by accident.

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