Kit 18 Installation Guide

This is to show you a step by step guide on how to install Kit 18.

In this guide I have used all parts that you get from Kit 18 and installing them onto a wooden block that I have already pre-drilled a hole in.


Step 1: Install the cable cord set ensuring not to damage it as you push/pull it through your light fitting. Ensure to leave this loose so you can adjust the length when on step 4.

Once you have fed the cable through your light fitting, place the backplate over the cable and fix it down onto your wooden lamp using the supplied screws, then place the cover over the top.



Step 2: Take the extender (if purchased) and simply screw it on top of the thread on the backplate.


Step 3: Separate the lampholder into its 3 pieces by unscrewing the shade ring and lock ring, leaving you with the cap, the connection unit and the skirt. Then take the cap of the lampholder and screw it onto the extender or onto the thread of the backplate if you have no extender.




If in any doubt please seek professional advice.

Step 4: Using a pair of pliers, double over the ends of the cable.

Wire the cable into the connection unit of the lampholder, ensuring the Earth (Green/Yellow) connects to the block on the cap of the lampholder. It does not matter which way around the Live (Brown) and Neutral (Blue) go.



Step 5: Carefully push the connection unit into the cap of the lampholder and place the top section (the skirt) onto the lampholder, ensuring the alignment of the lampholder is correct (as shown below).

Finally, screw the lock ring and shade ring onto the lampholder.



Step 6: Ensure you use the cord grip on the bottom of the light fitting by putting it across the cable and using the screws supplied to fix it into position, this will ensure the cable cannot be pulled out by accident.


This now completes the installation of Kit 18.

Below you will find all the CE certifications for all the parts in our Kit 18, these are required for trading standard or if you're planning on selling the lamps on.


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