How to fix or install a lampholder onto a ceramic item with limited hand access.

This quick guide is to explain a handy method we use to repair or to add a lampholder to a ceramic item that has limited hand access.

If the ceramic item is narrow or too long to get your hand up inside the top of the item then this method could work well for you.

It requires a long item with a handle or stop at the end, this will prevent the pottery nipple from sliding off the rod, this is why we use a long shaft screwdriver as the handle prevents the nipple from sliding off.

Items used in this guide:

Pottery Nipple:


Step 1: Slide the pottery nipple onto the long shafted item in this case a long shaft screwdriver.



Step 2: Push the screwdriver up into the ceramic item in some cases depending how long the ceramic item is you may need to lay the item down and use another item to push/pull the screwdriver up out the top hole. this of course is hard to show by pictures but hopefully you can work something out.



Step 3: Once the end of the screwdriver is out grab the shaft and pull it up until the pottery nipple is sticking out the top.



Step 4: Take the bottom section of your lampholder and slide it down the screwdriver shaft (whilst holding the screwdriver up)



Step 5: Finally whilst pulling up on the screwdriver to create a bit of friction screw the lampholder base onto the pottery nipple thread.



As i say this is a real basic guide from here you can then install the cable and connect the lampholder.

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  • Apart from actually doing it, I've got enough nerve to comment because I often had to edit factory operating procedures. This really is as good as the best of them. It is so easy to visualise from text with just the right number of pictures. Also, you don't know who's going to do the job so you don't leave anything to chance - e.g. keeping the push on the screwdriver the second time.



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