Installing our ceiling roses.

This quick guide is to show you how to install our ceiling roses.

These can be installed over the top of a standard plastic rose meaning you do not need to remove all the cables out of the existing rose.

In this guide i will be showing you how to install the new bracket behind your old rose keeping the old rose into position and replacing the cable for a new one.

This may be different for you but the concept is still the same.

If you cannot keep your old rose in place then you DO NOT need to remove the bit of metal from your new fixing bracket.

You will also then need to grab some connector blocks to connect the cables together.

Before we start as always please ensure you have disconnected the power supply to the light fitting, if in doubt consult a qualified electrician.

Step 1: Take the new rose and remove the 2x thumb screws from either side to release the fixing bracket.

Grab a pair of pliers and snap off the smaller side the bracket as shown here.

Please Note: Be careful on the rough edges of the part you have snapped off they can be sharp!

9.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg

Step 2: Once the piece of metal has been removed you can now work on your existing light fitting, first off ensure the existing rose is not too big for the bracket, if so then you will have to remove the existing rose completely.

If the bracket fits either side of the rose then you can remove the 2 screws that hold the rose onto the ceiling.


Step 3: Once the screws are out of the old rose you can then slide the new bracket behind the old rose and re position the screws into the old fixing holes in the ceiling. Then taken the 2 screws and tighten the rose back up.


Step 4: Once the new bracket is installed you will need to take an earth cable and link the earth block on old rose to the earth block on the new bracket as shown below.


Step 4: If your changing the cable drop then you can remove this cable from the old rose, you can then connect your new cable to the old rose.

Please Note: if you have already got a lampholder on the end of the new piece of cable ensure you slide the new ceiling rose onto the cable before connecting it.


Step 5: Once the new cable has been connected to the old rose you can then slide the new rose up the cable and hold it into position using the 2x thumb screws.



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