Kit 17 Instructions

This step by step guide is to aid you in installing our kit 17.

Let's look at the pieces you get inside the kit and to help you understand what they are called.

Cable Cord Set:


Lampholder ES Version:


Lampholder BC Version:


Pottery Nipple:


Brass Washer:


Plastic Washer: 


Strain Relief (Cord Grip):


There are 2 options for this kit a BC and ES version we will cover both version below, the fixing method is the same its just how you wire the lampholder and install the strain relief.

This kit will only work if you can get access to the base of your ceramic base and a hole in the side for the cable to enter.

Step 1: Take the black plastic pottery nipple and put the brass washer on followed by the plastic washer on top, Push the pottery nipple up inside the fitting and out the top so the thread is visible.

Here is a guide if you cannot get your hand up inside the ceramic item: How to fix or install a lampholder onto a ceramic item with limited hand access.

19.jpg   18.jpg   17.jpg
Step 2: Depending on the lampholder selected separate the lampholder and screw the
bottom section (cap) onto the pottery nipple thread sticking out the top of the ceramic base.
BC Lampholder Only: You may want to use a dab of super glue to hold the bottom
section of the lampholder to the pottery nipple thread
ES Lampholder Only (Skip to Step 5): Again same as the BC version you will need to use a dab of glue to hold the cap onto the pottery nipple.


Step 3 BC Lampholder Only: Push the wire through the base of the ceramic base and out the top of the lampholder’s base.

Step 4 BC Lampholder Only: After the cable is sticking out the top of the lampholder’s base take the circular
strain relief and slide it onto the cable, ensuring the teeth of the grip are pointing upwards.
Ensure you slide the relief down onto the outer PVC section of the cable by approx 4mm.


Wire the BC lampholder as shown below, it does not matter which way around the live (Brown) or Neutral (Blue) go.


Please note: The cable will twist when screwing the lampholder onto the lampholder base, this needs to be avoided.


Step 5 ES Lampholder Only: Take the the cable push it into your ceramic base and out the bottom access hole, then grab the strain relief and push the wire through one hole then back out through the other as shown below.

Note the final position (last image) where the strain relief should sit once the installation has finished.

10.jpg 9.jpg
8.jpg 7.jpg
Step 6: Take the bottom section of the lampholder and screw it onto the thread sticking out of the base.


Take the plastic connection unit and wire it as below, ensuring the correct wire is in the correct connection, Note there are L and N marking on the connection unit.
N = Neutral—Blue | L = Live—Brown

Once the connection unit has been wire carefully push it into the base of the lampholder ensuring no cables are trapped.


Finally take the top section of the lampholder and screw it over the top noting a clicking noise as you tighten it up.
The clicking noise is the locking barb which is a safety feature of all E27 lampholders, this ensures that the skirt (top section) does not come away form the bottom section when unscrewing a light bulb.
For further information visit: How to unlock my ES & SES Lampholder


Step 7: This now complete the installation of kit 17

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  • I’ve managed to assemble kit, but need to get a bulb - what size do I need please?


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