How to install our push fit E27 and E14 lampholders

This guide is to show you how to install our push fit lampholders in the E27 and E14 ranges.

Before you start you need to ensure that the stripped ends of your cables are solid.

This can be done by using ferrules or to solder the ends, this ensures that when you push the cables into the lampholder they will not bend or move around.

If you have a solid cable then the barb on the inside will grip it ensuring a safe and solid connection between the cable and lampholder.

The following components were used in this guide:

Step 1:

Thread the cable through your light fitting so it is sticking out the top.


 Step 2:

Take the bottom section of the lampholder and thread it onto the threaded rod, then tighten the small screw inside to lock it to the threaded rod.


Step 3:

Take the main body of the lampholder and push the wires into the holes on the rear of the lampholder, as shown in the image below.

Please note that the Live (Brown) and Neutral (Blue) go in opposite ends from each other.

There are 2 holes next to each other it does not matter what hole you use, just means you could have 2x Blue and 2x Brown cables, however we do not recommend this as a standard installation.

The cables will push in and you will hear/feel a slight click, give the cable a gentle pull back to ensure its secured into the lampholder.

If you need to remove the cable jump to step 5


Ensure the brown (live) is pushed into the center pin hole, to find this out please see the following video.

Step 4:

After inserting and fixing the cables you can now click the top section into the base section.

This will only go around one way it should make sense what way this goes.

Ensuring the cables are tucked out the way as you dont want to catch them when pushing 2 parts together.

Tip: If for some reason you cannot click the top section into the base section ensure the small grub screw in the base section is fully tightened down.


Step 5:

If you need to separate the lampholder then you will need 2x screwdrivers or something similar.

You will need to insert one screwdriver into the slot as seen below holding that into position then insert the 2nd screwdriver pushing both screwdrivers together then lifting the top part of lampholder will separate them.

Please be careful not to be too rough as you can snap the 2x clips.


Step 6:

After removing the top section you can also remove the cables if needed, this can be a little tricky and will require a paperclip or something similar.

The idea is that you will need to insert the paperclip in as you are gently pulling on the cable, wiggle the paperclip around and the can should simply pop out.

On some occasions you can pull the ferrule off the end of the cable, this isn't an issue as such as all you need to do is re install a new ferrule and insert cable into spares hole.

As seen in image below


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  • Hi Tom

    Thanks for your comment, you can indeed daisy chain these together this is the reason behind the 2x Live and 2x Neutral holes.

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi,

    As this is a plastic lampholder it has not earth terminals.

    You may need to try and separate the earth cable before it enters the lampholder (if possible) and make safe the earth cable there via a connector block.

    Ideally you want to be using a 2 core cable with this style of lampholder.



  • Where do you put the earth wire?

  • Hi Richard,

    I’ve just bought the white push fit lamp holders (PLU26915-2) and was wondering if they can be daisy chained, looks to be 2 holes for + and - on each side, I’m thinking main feed to 1 and then a wire from the other to the next lamp holder etc




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