Wiring our E26 lampholder.

This guide is to assist you in the installation of the Brass E26 lampholder.

Before you start please be aware that these lampholders are ONLY designed for the American market and not UK electrical systems.

My knowledge on American wiring is not perfect but i will show you to the best of my knowledge.

Pieces used in this guide:

Just a quick note the lampholder fixing thread is 1/8" IP thread and screws onto our 10mm threads well with a slight wobble, however as this Lampholder has a locking screw it works perfectly and holds very tight.

In this guide we will be fixing the E26 lampholder onto a wooden base for example.

If you are just needing to know how to install the lampholder then ignore step 1

Step 1: Screw the brass backplate onto the wooden stand. Then push the cable up through the light fitting so its sticking out the top as seen below.

Step 1

Step 2: Separate the lampholder which consists of the following items:

Piece Parts

  • Bottom section (Base) - 1
  • Cardboard isolator - 2
  • Lock Ring - 3
  • Connection Unit - 4
  • Top section (skirt) - 5


Step 3: Important - Take the lock ring and place it over the brass backplate before anything else.

Then take the bottom section of the lampholder and screw it onto the brass backplate, locate the screw on the collar on the outside of the lampholder base and tighten it up, this will lock the lampholder base onto the brass backplate.

Step 3     2.jpg

Step 4: Take the cardboard isolator and slide it down the cable so it sits on the base of the lampholder.


Step 5: Take the connection unit and wire in the cables. *If using American Coloured cables then White connects to the silver screw and black connects to the brass screw.


Step 6: Sit the connection unit onto the base of the lampholder noting the black tag is located between the 2 brass tabs.


Step 7: Take the skirt of the lampholder and place it over the top of the connection unit, again noting the gap in the skirt aligns up with the 2 brass tabs.


Step 8:  Whilst holding the skirt of the lampholder slide up the locking ring and screw it onto the skirt of the lampholder.


This now completes the installation of the E26 lampholder.


* Please note this information has been taken from an article online, we do not know american wiring and their regulations, these may change without notice. We recommend in contacting an American Electrician for electrical advise.


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