How to Convert a Gas Blow Torch Into a Light Fitting.

This guide is to show you how i have personally converted gas blow torches into light fittings.

This is the way i have done it but there are other ways that you can achieve this, from a personal view i much prefer this option as the lampholder is virtually hidden and gives a great effect when using a flame light bulb.

I have cut the torch about to get the lampholder to fit using a multi tool like Dremel with a cutting tool on the end, these are great tools that can be picked up on the cheap and are perfect for little hobby projects like this.

Here is a list of products that i have use din this project.

Step 1:

The cord grips are designed to screw into the base of the lampholder however the thread will need to be cut down slightly, use a hacksaw or a sharp knife to do this.

As you can see the grip on the right is stock and how you will receive it and the one on the left is the badly cut version by me :-) it wont be seen so does not need to be neat.

Please be careful!


Step 2:

Once the cord grip has been cut down screw it into the lampholder as show below.


Step 3:

Take 1 of the 2x additional shade rings purchased and screw it onto the skirt of the light fitting.


Step 4:

Unscrew the lock ring on the lampholder and push the cable through the bottom of the lampholder and connect the cable to the connection unit as seen below.

Ensure the earth cable is connected to the bottom section of the brass lampholder, it does not matter which way around the brown (Live) and Neutral (Blue) go.

See this guide on how to wire the BC un switched lampholder: Wiring A BC Un-Switched Lampholder




Once the lampholder is back together just grab your screwdriver and tighten the cord grip grub screw up, this will prevent the cable from being pulled out of the lampholder.

Step 5:

To get the BC lampholder to fit i needed to remove the end of the torch, i had already cut this part before making this guide but below is the finished piece after cutting, i used a Dremel with a cutting disc and a pair of gloves as the brass go hot from the cutting process.


Once cut use a file to ensure a smooth surface and is burr free.


Push the lampholder assembly up into the brass section leaving a bit of thread sticking out the end, this can vary and you may need to remove the 2nd shade ring you installed earlier on, or even add a 3rd one if needed.


Once the hole is correct and the lampholder fits then take the 3rd or 4th shade ring and thread it onto the lampholder holding it in place.

Step 6:

The next step would be to cut the pipe on the torch as seen below the amount to cut off will depend on the style of torch.

Then push the cable through the back plate section.


Once the assembly is in position you can then put the holding plate back on to hold everything back into position.


From there on wards you can install a switch on the cable if required then a plug top to finish the project off.



Below are a couple of other torches i have made for reference.

gas-torch-light gas-torch-light gas-torch-light gas-torch-light gas-torch-light
gas_torch gas_torch gas_torch gas_torch gas_torch
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