How to install our metal E27 lampholders

This guide is to show you on how to install our metal E27 lampholders.

Please see this picture that explains the terminology of the 3 parts of the lampholder.


Step 1: 

Take the bottom section of the lampholder and screw it onto the fixing point.


Step 2: 

Push the cable through the light fitting and connect the insert as shown below.


Step 3: 

Once you have connected the insert you will need to push the insert into the base of the lampholder.

Please Note: See the earth tag is inline with the indent of the lampholder cap, it will be tight to push down but this ensures a good earth connection between the insert and cap.


Step 4: 

 Here is the final position of the insert within the cap.



Step 5: 

Finally you can then screw the skirt section onto the cap take note of the clicking noise as you screw the skirt on, this is the locking barb locking the lampholder together.


If you need to undo the lampholder at any point then please refer to the document below.

How to unlock my ES & SES Lampholder


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