Kit 11 Installation Guide

This step by step guide will aid you with the installation of our Kit11.

Step 1: Separate the cord grip and slide the top section onto the cable as shown below.


Step 2: Separate the lampholder and insert the bottom section of the cord grip onto the bottom section of the lampholder.


Step 3: Slide the unit onto the cable as seen below.


Step 4: Take the lampholder connection unit and wire in the cable.


Step 5: After connecting the cable push the connection unit into the base of the lampholder.


Step 6: Slide the top part of the cord grip onto the lampholder assembly and tighten up as much as possible using your fingers, Tip: We use an old vacuum cleaner belt to help grip the plastic, or a large elastic band.


Step 7: Take the skirt of the lampholder and screw it onto the base section of the lampholder, note the clicking noise as you screw it on, that is the locking bard engaging more information on the locking bard at the bottom of this help file.


Step 8: This now completes the kit installation from here you can now install the complete assembly onto your light fitting example below using the shade ring.

9.jpg     8.jpg

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