Kit 19 Installation Guide

This is a guide to help you install our lamp Kit 19

The idea of kit 19 is to push a threaded rod into a 9.5-10mm hole in a piece of wood.

If you have a hole slightly larger than this then a dab of glue may be required to hold the threaded rod into position.

This kit includes a safety switched lampholder, this means that the red plunger in the middle of the connection unit must be pressed down (via a light bulb) for the switch to work.. if you have completed this guide and need help with this please visit the link at the bottom of this guide.

Step1: The first step is to insert the threaded rod in the hole in your wooden item, if you have a new item then we recommend in drilling a 9.5mm hole and tapping the rod into position with a hammer (carefully not to damage the thread).

If you have a 10mm+ size hole then you will need to use a dab of glue to hold it into position.

Ensure you have 50mm of thread sticking out the top of your wooden item.


Step 2: Once you have 50mm of thread sticking out the top take the nut cover and tube cover and slide them over the threaded rod starting with the tube cover.


Step 3: After installing the 2 covers ensure you have approx. 6mm of thread sticking out the top this is the perfect length for the lampholder to fit on.

Take the lampholder and separate it into its 3 main components which are:

  • The Base - This is the bottom section that screws onto the threaded rod.
  • The Connection Unit - This is the section that the wires connect to.
  • The Skirt - This is the top section that holds the light bulb into position.


Step 4: Take the base section and screw it onto the 6mm of thread sticking out.

Once this has been done then take the cable cord set and push it up through your light fitting so the stripped ends are sticking out the top.

Step 5: Take the connection unit and wire the lampholder as shown below, note it does not matter which way around the Brown (Live) or Blue (Neutral) go however the earth MUST go in the middle terminal.




Step 5: Carefully push the connection unit into the base take note that the metal earth tag will sit over the edge of the base as shown below just under the switch bar you will notice the copper tag.



Step 6: Once the connection unit is seated take the skirt and screw it on ensuring the indents align.



Step 7: Once the lampholder installation has been complete you will need to use the flat cord grip and 2 wood screws to hold the cable into position.

This generally will be located on the base of your light fitting however not every light will have this position.

You must use this cord grip or something similar to make the light fitting safe as its prevents the wire from being pulled out of the lampholder by accident.



This now completes the installation of the Kit19 lamp kit.

Ensure you have double checked the assembly before plugging and turning on.

If you have plugged this item in and it does not work then please check out the following guide: Safer switched lampholder not working

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