Installing the 40mm BC 4 Part Lampholder.

This quick guide here is to help installing our 40mm BC 4 part lampholder.

This item comes in 4 parts however we do sometimes but 2 of the parts together so may arrive in 3 pieces.

This guide will show the install using the 3 pieces.

Step 1: Separate the lampholder into the 3 parts and screw the bottom of the lampholder onto your light fitting. And tighten the small grub screw inside the cap (This is important).


If you have purchased the earthed cap, then please connect the earth wire (Green/Yellow) to the earth block as shown below.

Step 2: Wire the connection unit as shown below, Note: it does not matter which way around the wires go.




Step 3: Carefully seat the connection unit into the cap of the lampholder you may need to twist the connection unit until is slips in.




Step 4: Take the skirt of the lampholder and twist it onto the assembly note there will be some ratchet like clicking sounds.


This is the locking barb locking the skirt to the cap, more information on this below.


The locking barb is designed to prevent the lampholder from separating accidentally.

However there may be a time where you need to gain access to the inside of the lampholder, if you do then please follow this guide below.

Below is an image of the location of the locking barb once installed as you can see there is a metal tag thats bent outwards and is hiding the plastic ribs in the inside of the skirt.

You will need to grab a small screwdriver and bend it inwards to clear the plastic ribs.

Once you have removed the lampholder you will need to bend that metal tag back out so when you screw the skirt back on it engages the locking barb again.

A quick video on how to unlock the barb below.

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