Installing Arditi Brand Metal E27 Lampholder's

This is a quick guide to show you how to install the Arditi Edison Screw ES | E27 Metal Lampholders.

Step 1:

Ensure the cable is sticking out the top as required. 


Step 2:

Take the bottom section (Cap) of the lampholder, slide it over the cable and screw it onto the fixing point. 

parts.jpg  2.jpg

Step 3:

Once the cap of the lampholder is securely screwed into place, tighten the locking screw on the inside of the cap using a suitable screwdriver - this locks the lampholder onto the fixing point, preventing it from being accidently loosened or unscrewed when replacing the light bulb.



Step 4:

Take the ceramic connection unit and wire the cable in, as shown below.


If in any doubt, please seek professional advice

4.jpg  Arditi_E27_Insert_With_Cables.jpg

Step 5:

Once wired, push the ceramic connection unit into the bottom section of the lampholder. Note how far down the connection unit goes - so its flush around the edge. Then place the skirt on top, making sure everything is alligned in order for the lampholder to screw together correctly, see image below.

5.jpg  6.jpg

Step 6:

Take the skirt section of the lampholder and screw it onto the bottom part, note the clicking sound when tightening up - this is the locking device. More information can be found below this article regarding the locking device. 


Step 7:

Please Note

Only Applicable for People Wanting to Add a Shade

Take one of the 2 shade rings and screw in onto the skirt. Then take your shade and clamp it into place by placing it between the first shade ring and then by screwing the second shade ring on top.

8.jpg  9.jpg

10.jpg  11.jpg



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