My inline switch has fallen apart or the switch is loose!

This happens from time to time where the metal strip that makes the switch contacts either dislodges or falls out, you can tell this easily if the switch is limp and not making a firm clicking noise and is all wobbly.


This is not problem at all and is easily repairable.

The following guide is for the Arditi inline single switches only SKU's:

This is also relevant to the double pole however with the double pole you just have 2 of these strips SKU's:

Step 1: First thing to do is to remove the cover by unscrewing the 2 screws in the bottom of the switch.

Position the switch so the earth connector is at the top this way when you look at the images below it will be exactly the same.

Then you will need to pop off the rocker switch using a small screwdriver or any small item and simply lever it off, this will pop off easily.



Step 2: Locate the small silver metal strip as shown above the switch in the image below, not the orientation.

There is a small ball like piece on the left-hand side of the small metal piece this needs to go on the left hand side as shown below.


Step 3: Take the metal piece and place it into the holder as shown below, then take a screwdriver and carefully push it down so its laying flat down.

Note: it won't sit flat completely as it will be in the on or off position, you MUST make sure the bobble on the metal piece is on the left or the opposite side to the raised brass tab on the switch.

There are 2 indents on the metal strap that must align up with the plastic locators as shown below.


Once in at an angle use a screwdriver to lay it down flat.


This is how the metal strip should look like if seated correctly.


Step 4: Once the metal strip is in position carefully take the plastic rocker button and snap it into location, this should be self-explanatory. 


Once this has been done correctly you will feel a solid click and also hear the click this is your confirmation that its seated correctly and is going to move up and down to make the contact.


If you still cannot get this to work please do get in touch with our support team 

Looking for information on how to wire the switch then head over to our guide for Wiring the single pole switch


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