Help With Replacement Lampholder on Metal Stem


We often get asked to help with a replacement lampholder on a metal stem.

Before we can help with the replacement lampholder there is one piece of information we need and that is the thread diameter that the lampholder is fixed too.

lampholders are designed to thread onto a male thread the problem is sometimes manufacturers glue these into position which can make disassembly a bit tricky.

Below is an example of the most standard scenario of a lampholder on a metal stem. 


As you can see just below the lampholder is a nut this is not always there, but you can leave it if you wish.

First step is to un-wire the lampholder and remove the cable or leave it sticking out the top of the lampholder.

Take the bottom section of the lampholder and untwist it from the metal stem, as mentioned above this part could be glued into position so could be a bit tricky.

using grip or pliers on the lampholder can help or use a piece of rubber like a couple of elastic bands to help with grip.

Once the lampholder has been removed you may need to clean the thread as it may have piece of dried glue in the threads.

After the lampholder has been removed then you will need to measure the diameter of the thread as seen below this example is 10mm (1cm)

There are 2 thread sizes 10mm and 1/2" (12.7mm) this is important to know this size.

measuring-thread-2.jpg     measuring-thread-3.jpg

Here are a couple of links to our lampholders.







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