Installing Arditi Brand Plastic E27 lampholder's

This guide is to help you with the installation of the plastic E27 lampholders, some lampholders may vary slightly but the principle is the same.

Items used in this guide:

The lampholders comprise of 3 items:

  • The Base (Cap)
  • The skirt
  • The Connection unit

When you open your order up you may find that we have screwed the base and the skirt together leaving the connection unit resting on top in a small bag.

If you have ordered several then we may bag each item up separately.


First step is to separate all components.


Once the components are separated take the cap and screw it onto the 10mm fixing base that you have.

This can be several different styles, from back plates (as shown here) or a cord grip if you are hanging the light fitting, to a standard 10mm threaded rod.

The concept is the same between all of the fixing methods.


Push the wire through your light fitting and leave it sticking out of the cap as show in the image below.


Connect the lampholder as show in the instructions received with the order if you didn't get any please see this guide.

The connection unit is labeled With L and N.

  • L = Live (Brown Wire)
  • N = Neutral (Blue Wire)

If you have a 3 core cable and a metal threaded cap then the earth block is located inside the cap.

This is where the earth (green/yellow) wire will need to be connected.

Once you have wired the connection unit carefully sit the connection unit back into the cap of the lampholder, this will only go one way so you may need to rotate the connection unit until it falls into its locating slots. 


Finally screw the skirt on top to complete the installation.

At this point if you need to remove the skirt you will need to locate the locking barb as show in this guide.


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