How to Install our Lampholder Cup and Lampholder - LSLHC

This Quick guide will show you how to install the our lampholder cup and lampholder.

Step 1: Screw the supplied all threaded rod into the lampholder followed by the nut and shake proof washer.


Step 2: Slide the cord grip up the cable followed by the lampholder cover.


Step 3: Then slide the lampholder cap with the all threaded rod, nut and washer on up the cable.


Step 4: Wire the lampholder and screw the skirt of the lampholder onto the cap then slide the copper cover over the lampholder so the threaded rod is sticking out the top.


Step 5: Finally slide the cord grip back down the cable and screw it onto the threaded rod, tighten up the small grub screw on the cord grip, This will now finish off the installation. 


Downloadable instructions below.

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