Connecting The Plastic Small BC Lampholder Together

This Guide is to help you to connect the snap together Small BC lampholders together. 

There are 2 products that this guide applies to:

PLU61784 - Plain Version

PLU33973 - Threaded Version

Step 1: Install the base of the lampholder onto your light fitting using a 10mm thread then tighten up the small silver screw in the base of the lampholder to lock it onto your light fitting.

Step 1


Step 2: Connect the live (brown) and neutral (blue) to the lampholder, Please note: it does not matter what position the live and neutral go.

Step 2


Step 3: Snap the connection unit into the base of the lampholder section this will only snap in 1 way so ensure you do not force it in.

If you have it in the right position but it will not push down then please ensure the screw in the base of the lampholder is screwed fully in as this will prevent the connection unit from sitting correctly.

Step 3     Stpe 3.1


Step 4: Once the connection unit is seated correctly then slide the skirt section over the top of the connection unit and snap it into position, again this will only go in one way.

Step 4


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