How to terminate our rope cable

This guide is to help you terminate the fabric rope cable.

If you are trying to install this cable into a 10mm cord grip onto a lampholder, then this hopefully will help you.

First off you will need to get yourself some sellotape.

Whenever you cut the cable or want to strip it you will need to put a piece of sellotape around the cable and cut on the sellotape.

This stops the fabric from fraying.

Once you have put the sellotape on the piece you want to strip use a knife or cutters to cut the fabric braid only not the PVC inner cores.(Please be careful)


Its hard to see but there is a small piece of sellotape around the end of fabric to stop it from fraying.

Make sure the sellotape does not go too far up cable as once you have installed cord grip you don't want to see the tape.

Now you can strip the PVC cable as normal again with cutters of a knife.




Once this has been done you can now start to put the cord grip pieces on.

Depending on what style of cord grip you go for this step will change.

I have gone for the metal cord grip as i think this looks the best with this cable.


These come in 3 section the outer cover, the black inner grip and the thread to screw into lampholder.

Slide the outer cover onto cable NOTE: be careful as the thread on the inside will pull the fibers on the fabric cable, just go slow.



After you slide the outer cover on, notice that i have to cut a leg from the black cord grip it self this is because the cable if too fat to neatly slide that piece on.

Now take the threaded part of the cord grip and thread it onto the lampholder, if you look on the inside of the lampholder there is a small grub screw, once the cord grip is screwed in you mus do this small screw up, that stops the cord grip from twisting away form lampholder.




Now all you need to do is slide the cord grip cover and twist on.






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