Picking the right cable for your lamp

When it comes to picking the right flex mains lead there are a few things to make sure of first, so here we go with a few tips.

As a rule if the flex is greater than 2m long then you should be using 0.75mm diameter flex rather than 0.5mm. All of our cord sets (pre made mains leads) are 0.75mm.

Now just check the path of the wiring of the mains lead to the lamp holder. Most 0.75mm flex is in the region of 6-7mm diameter which will pass through the 10mm allthread rods but just check there are no other routing issues. Make sure there is no areas where the flex will get rubbed or cut etc. Or damaged in any way. Make sure if the flex goes up into an allthread rod that the ends of the rod have grommets to protect the flex. Always make sure you have some form of cord grip as well,

Now you will need to decide if you want the switch on the flex or on the lamp holder. Adding a switch to the flex can be straight forward on PVC flex but can be much harder on Braided flex so pick a larger switch as this will give you more room.

The pre made cord sets will come in 2 or 3 core, with or without a switch and in most cases will have ferrules on the bare ends. These are needed if you have a lamp holder that the wires just push in, but for normal lamp holders these can be cut off to make a better connection.

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