Kit 21 Installation Guide

This is to show you a step by step guide on how to install Kit 21.

In this guide i have used all parts that you get from Kit 21 and installing them onto a Warner Edwards Gin bottle that i have already pre-drilled a hole in.

We are in the process of making a video to show you this as it can be hard to talk about the process just by typing and using pictures.

Step 1: Take your drilled bottle and insert the grommet, please ensure to take care and not to apply too much force as especially Jack Daniels bottles they will crack.

A little tip is to place the grommet into hot water to soften it up, then quickly put it into the bottle.

Note: also, thick bottle such as this one may require some glue to hold the grommet into position.


Step 2: Once the grommet is installed take the cable and push it through the grommet and up out the top, ensuring you see a bit of outer PVC and the stripped ends are poking out the top.

Grab a pen or a screwdriver and scratch or mark where the cable enters the grommet. (where my thumb is on left hand picture)

Then pull the cable out the top until you get to your marked area of the cable.


Step 3: Take the cord grip and push the cable through one of the holes until the grip reaches the mark in the cable, Hold the grip with one hand and feed the end of the cable back through the second hole.

Ensuring the cord grip is at the marked piece of cable.

Once this is done you can pull the cable back, so the cord grip stops and sits inside the bottle behind the grommet as shown in last image.

Note: sometimes you may need to pull the cable back up out the top and adjust the cord grip if you feel there is too much slack or not enough slack.

You want to be able to see a little bit of the outer PVC of the cable sticking out the top of the bottle.


Step 4: Grab the rubber bung and a 13mm spanner, hold the bung in one hand and tighten the top nut until the bung fits tight into the bottle.

  • Too tight and it will not push down
  • Too loose and you may struggle on the next step.


Step 5: Once the bung is in the bottle hold the washer with your thumb and tighten the top nut until you get a nice tight fixing on to the bottle.


Step 6: Take the nut cover and place it over the bung to hide the brass parts of the bung.

Separate the lampholder into its 3 pieces and screw the bottom section of the lampholder on to the bung's thread.



If in any doubt please seek professional advice.

Step 7: Grab a pair of pliers and double over the ends of the cable and insert the earth cable into the earth block as shown below, then take the connection unit of the lampholder and connect the Neutral (Blue) and the Live (Brown) into the connection unit.

Note: It does not matter which way around the cables go.

Finally push the connection unit into the base of the lampholder ensuring the indents align up as show in the last image.


Step 8: Take the top section of the lampholder and align the indent with the indents of the bottom and connection unit and place it over the top.

Tighten the lock ring with your fingers to finish the lampholder connection.


Step 9: This now completes the installation of Kit 21.


Below you will find all the CE certifications for all the parts in our Kit21, these are required for trading standard or if you're planning on selling the lamps on.


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