Wiring an E27 Pull cord Lampholder

Wiring of The E27 Pull cord Lampholder.


This is a quick guide on how to connect our E27 pull cord lampholder.

Step 1: Screw the base section of the lampholder onto your fixing point on the light fitting and tighten the small grub screw pointing down inside the thread. This will lock the lampholder base onto your light fitting.

Step 2: Wire the connection unit as show in the image above taking note of the location of the Neutral (Blue) and the Live (Brown) Wires.

Please Note: There is no location for an earth cable in this lampholder.


Step 3: Once fully connected gently push the connection unit back into the base of the lampholder, ensuring the pull cord does not get caught or snagged on anything inside as this will hinder the operation of the pull cord.


Step 4: Once the connection unit is sitting in the base of the lampholder hold the connection unit and pull the pull cord a couple of times to ensure the cord is not snagged or caught inside the base.


Step 5: Screw the skirt on top to finish off installation.


There is a locking device on all E27 lampholders, this prevents the unit from coming apart when removing a light bulb.

If you want to get back into the lampholder after completing the installation then you will need to locate the locking barb, this is a bend piece of plastic that will need to be pressed down whilst untwisted the lampholder's skirt.

Please see the image below to locate the locking barb.

See Below for downloadable instruction sheet.

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