E27 Insert wiring

E27 Insert wiring

 This guide is to show you the location of the wires per E27 connection unit.

Please ensure you know what insert you have prior to wiring as incorrect wiring on an E27 lampholder can increase the potential to get an electric shock when inserting and removing the light bulb.

There are several ways to prep the copper wire before connection into the connection units.

  • 1: If you have a multi stranded cable you can twist the copper together then double over.
  • 2: If you have a multi stranded cable you can use a ferrule or solder tip the ends.
  • 3: if you have a solid wire then you can double over the wire.

On the plastic E27 inserts there will be no earth connection, the earth connection will be inside the cap of the lampholder (if selected a metal thread) if you selected plastic thread then there is no earth connection.

L/Live = Brown

N/Neutral = Blue

/Earth = Green/Yellow


S Lilley Brand E27 Ceramic Connection


 Arditi Brand E27 Ceramic Connection


Arditi Brand E27 Plastic Connection Older Version


Arditi Brand E27 Plastic Connection Newer Current Version

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