Q: What Does BC, SBC, ES, SES mean?

A: Here is a quick run down of the most common lamp cap types.

  • BC (B22) - Bayonet Cap the more common type of lamp found in your home, the lamp pushes in and twists 90 degrees.
  • SBC (B15) - Small Bayonet Cap generally found in smaller applications due to the lampholder being smaller, the lamp pushes in and twists 90 degrees.
  • ES (E27) - Edison Screw Cap is becoming more Popular as most of the vintage squirrel cage lamps seem to be ES versions, these lamp screw into the lampholder.
  • SES (E14) - Small Edison Screw cap is the same as the ES version just smaller again generally found in some smaller applications as the lampholder is smaller.
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