Workshop connection time


Do you need a hand to connect an item?

We have an £8 workshop time to connect an item to a flex, for example. You may want to have a plug fitted to a braided flex, a switch fitted in the middle of the flex or a lampholder added to the end. You can have as many as you like, but each one will incur the £8 connection charge.

Examples below of what you can have.

A single £8 connection charge for each of these.

  • A plug added to the end of a flex.
  • A switch added in the flex somewhere.
  • A lampholder added to one end of the flex.

So if you wanted 2 parts added, say a lampholder in one end and a plug the other, than you would need to add 2 of the workshop connection time to your order.

We can add most things, but there are always exceptions, and I've outlined some below.

  • We can't add a lampholder that has only a 10mm, 1/2", 20mm entry on the base. It must have a cord grip.
  • We can't add anything that you intend to remove to feed the flex through something.

So all you need to do is decide what parts you will need and build your order as you would normally. Then add whatever workshop time you need. If it's obvious as to what's to be connected to what we will just do it, but if there are any questions we will ask.

Please make sure that your email and phone number is on any order that a workshop time is added to, so we can contact you if there are any questions or if we need to know where to add a switch, for example.


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