Fixing a Lampholder on wood

There are a few ways to fix a lampholder onto a piece of wood, here we will show you the options you can use.

There are 3 main fixing methods, however in addition to these 3 main methods there are batten lampholders, all explained below.

Backplate 10mm or 1/2"


This is a Brass 25mm plate with 3 fixing holder for countersunk screw. The standard plate is 25mm in diameter and has a 10mm or 1/2" male thread in the centre dependent on the version you require. Small screws needed, 3.5mm x 16mm countersunk or similar.

Wood Nipple 10mm or 1/2"


These can be either 10mm or 1/2" dependent on the entry size in the base of the lampholder being used. They have a fine thread one end to screw into the lampholder and a coarse thread the other to fix into the wood. With the nipples you will ideally need to use a lampholder with a thread lock so the lampholder can be locked onto the nipple to allow you to screw it into the wood. These are good if you dont want to see the fixing item used to hold the lampholder.

Allthread rod


Normally 10mm diameter is used as there are lots of different lengths to choose from. The great thing about these are stability. Ideal if you want to raise the lampholder above the wood. You would drill a 9.5mm (need to test drill dependent on wood density) hole in the wood and glue it in place ensuring the height is set right to add an alltheread cover if raising the lampholder. Try to get as much as possible into the wood.

Batten lampholders are lampholders with a wide round base with 2 or 3 fixing hole. These have large bases so not always something that can be used in designs.


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