Anglepoise Lamp Repairs

Anglepoise lamps are very popular for restoring, We get asked on a daily basis for spares for the Anglepoise lamps.

Unfortunately we do not stock any official spares, we are in talks with Anglepoise to start stocking items such as grommets, springs and other official accessories.

If you are looking to simply replace the lampholder and cable then we can help however most of the time the cable will need to be wired externally. And are not too bothered about keeping the lamp authentic then we can help.

There are 2 ways of fixing methods for the lamps:

1: The lampholder is screwed onto a 10mm thread in the back of the lampholder.

In most cases inside the shade will be some kind of bracket with a hole in the middle if this hole is 10mm then you can simple use the following 2 items:


2: The lampholder is held into position using its shade ring, so the lampholder is halfway through the shade which generally are approx 28mm diameter holes.

As you can see below there will be an approx. 28mm hole in the rear of the shade, any BC | B22 | Bayonet Cap lampholder will fit, however you MUST ensure a cord grip is installed.

Un-Switched Lampholders can be found here

Switched Lampholders here Then a cord grip here


If you are looking for support on Anglepoise lamps then please see their support knowledge base here 

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