Kit 32 Installation Guide

This step by step guide is to aid you in installing our kit 32.

Kit 32 does not come with a main fixing point, this is just the side entry piece and a lampholder with a cable.

I will be using a standard wooden table lamp with our backplate and brass cover, however you may of purchased a bung if using this with a bottle with is also a common job.

If you have purchased on of our rubber bungs for a bottle then the video link below will help you with installing the bung, once you have done that pop back here to finish off the rest of the installation guide.

Video - How To Tighten up our Rubber Bungs.

Let's look at the pieces you get inside the kit and to help you understand what they are called.

Cable Cord Set:


BC Lampholder:


Side Entry Cord Grip:



Step 1: Install your fixing method (If not already installed)

1.jpg  2.jpg 


Step 2: Screw on the side entry cord grip, and loosen the plastic grub screw, it's easier and safer to fully remove the screw as in step 5 it falls out!

Note: you may want to use some Loctite or glue to ensure this part does not loosen over time.



Step 3: Take the cable cord set and push it up through the cord grip as show below.

Ensuring you can see a bit of the outer PVC jacket of the cable sticking out the top of the cord grip.



Step 4: Take the bottom section of the lampholder and screw it onto the cord grip, if you look down inside the cap of the lampholder you will see a screw head, this may need to be loosened first.

But once the cap is screwed onto the cord grip you will need to tighten that screw up, that will lock the lampholder onto the cord grip.

Do not tighten the cord grip screw up yet, let the cable side in there loose until the end.

 6.jpg  5.jpg 


Step 5: Take the earth wire (Green/Yellow) and push it through the cap and into the external earth block as show below.

Note: Remember to double over the stripped piece of cable before inserting the wire, also to ensure the wire is not sticking out of the block as it could be sharp. 

As you can see at this stage the plastic grub screw fell out of the cord grip as i was moving the cable around, ensure you spot this and keep the screw safe if this happens to you.



Step 6: Take the connection unit of the lampholder and wire the unit as shown below.

Note: It does not matter which way around the Live (Brown) and Neutral (Blue) go.



Step 7: Carefully sit the connection unit onto the bottom section ensuring not to trap any wires, you may need to pull down on the cable from the cord grip. This is why we did not tighten that screw up.

 Note: Please take notice of the indents on the lampholder cap and connection unit they MUST align.

Further information about this can be found here: Aligning a BC Unswitched Lampholder 9.jpg


Step 8: Once the connection unit is seated correctly, take the top section the skirt and slide it over the connection unit.

Again please refer to the above BC alignment guide to ensure the indents are aligned, this is very important because if you dont align the lampholder it will not work.



Step 9: Take the lock ring and screw it down tight, this will lock the lampholder skirt to the cap.

Then screw on the shade ring if no shade is being installed.

 12.jpg  11.jpg


Step 10: The next step is to take the cord grip screw and tighten it up on the cord grip body.

Ensure the screw is tight enough so the cable does not pull, if you over tighten this screw it will snap.

 14.jpg  13.jpg


Step 11: This now completes the installation of kit 32


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