What is a push fit lampholder and can I use it?

We get asked this question from time to time, what does push fit mean and can i use it?

We have a small selection of push fit lampholders this means that you do not need any tools to connect the wire to the lampholder.

Inside the connections is a barb like device so when you push the cable in the barb grips the cable and prevents it from coming back out.

There are a couple of advantage and disadvantages with push wire lampholders.

1: You need to ensure you have a solid cable below are images of a solid wire vs a multi stranded wire.

If you have a multi stranded wire you will need to use a dab of solder or use a ferrule.

 solid_and_stranded_cable.jpg (Not our image - ours to follow)

2: Once the cable has been inserted its not really designed to come back out.

Some push fit devices have a small pin hole where you can insert a paper clip for example to release the barb, other devices dont.

Below is one of our SES push wire lampholders and an example on how to release the barb.

9.jpg 10.jpg

When installing a solid wire into the push wire device you MUST ensure it is in and solid giving a firm tug once pushed in will confirm, if you have to reuse a push fit device please be mindful that the barb may be bent slightly and not going to grip the cable as well as it was made.

From a personal side i prefer terminal connections where you use a screwdriver to tighten the cable, i feel these are a better option in my eyes however its not to say push wire is unsafe i just prefer terminal connections.

Hopefully this has explained to you what a push fit lampholder or device is and if you can use it or not without having to amend the cable you have.

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