Wiring the BC Push Wire Plastic Snap on Cap Lampholder

This guide is to show you how to wire and dress the cables inside the snap on cap lampholder.

This guide is showing the unswitched lampholder, the switched lampholder is very similar in design and will work the same way.

Before you start you will need to ensure that the tips of your cables are solid this means either using a dab of solder or using a ferrule to ensure its a solid lump and not multi stranded.

Step 1: Take the bottom section of the lampholder and screw it onto the 10mm fixing thread.

Note: You may need to strip the inner cables a bit longer to allow you to hook them around the internal cord grip as show further down in this guide.

1.jpg  2.jpg


Step 2: Take the top section of the lampholder and insert one of the cables as shown.

Remember these are push fit lampholders meaning there are no screw terminals to tighten the cable this is why you need to ensure you have a solid tipped cable.

Note: It does not matter which way around the Live and Neutral go on a BC lampholder.



 Step 3: Once the first cable has been pushed into the connections you will need to then coil that cable around the plastic hook shaped item.



Step 4: Repeat the above step with the other wire and again coil it around the hook shape but this time in the other direction. Images below should explain this process.

Note: For the ease of display and pictures etc i have left the cables too long in an ideal world you want the live and neutral a bit shorter, this will make everything tighter and will make the cord grip method more effective.

 6.jpg  8.jpg  7.jpg


Step 5: Final step is to carefully push the top section of the lampholder into the base aligning the 2 rectangle holes in the cap with the 2 pieces on the top section.

 13.jpg  10.jpg


Step 6: If after installation you realise there is an error or you need to remove the lampholder for any reason then you will need to grab a small slotted screwdriver and insert it into one of the rectangular holes.

Now carefully push and twist the lampholder whilst pulling on the top part of the lampholder, it should pop that side out as shown below.

11.jpg  12.jpg 


Step 7: Repeat Step 5 to connect the lampholder back together.


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